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Yang Jun Mu is a Chinese martial artist who is known for his role as a martial artist in the movie Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. He began training in Tai Chi Chuan at a young age and has been involved in a number of different fandoms and activities. He has also gone on to pursue a professional career in the film industry.

Early life

Jun Yang is a Taiwanese artist, teacher and martial arts practitioner. His artistic practice reflects on his experiences as an immigrant. He has also participated in many artist residencies. In the past, he has studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the MAK Schindler Scholarship Program in Los Angeles, and PS1 International Studio Program in New York

A major part of his artistic practice involves extensive research. His work explores the conflict between reality and idealism. He also focuses on the idea of becoming an acculturated European citizen. koiusa

His video Becoming European was produced at the height of the European migrant crisis and was featured in a trans-regional art project entitled Europe (to the power of) n. His forms seamlessly combine softness and hardness. Besides Tai Chi, he is proficient in the Sword, Saber, Push Hands, and Sword. He is also a Tai Chi instructor.

Jun’s grandfather, Master Yang Zhen Duo, was an internationallyalinaimagine recognized bearer of Yang Family heritage. During his lifetime, he created momentum in the world of Tai Chi. He traveled around the world to teach Tai Chi. After his death, his son, Yu, became the 2nd generation representative of the Yang Family. In 1998, he established the International Association of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. The Association is now comprised of 46 centers across the globe.

Professional career

Master Yang Jun’s professional career spanned nearly 20 years. From a sales clerk in the mall to a dancer in the sands of time, he learned a thing or two about human movement, a trait that’s all the more impressive in the wake of one of the most ferocious military organizations in history. After the dust settled, he figured out the best way to get his wares out there. Now he’s a proud director of the Seattle/Redmond Yang Family Tai Chi Center. Not to be outdone, his wife is a talented dancer as well. Not to mention, she’s got a cool name. She’s also a big time geek and her hobbies include a fondness for the arts, including photography, writing, and art history. Those who’ve met her can attest to her warm demeanor and her infectious smile. She’s a fun person to have around.

Besides teaching, he’s a proud father of a daughter. He’s also a proud husband of a wife, and a devoted dad. As such, he’s been a proud father of many a memorable occasion. detectmind

Interests outside of tai chi chuan

Master Yang Jun has been traveling the world in order to promote the art of Tai Chi. He is also the director of the Seattle/Redmond Yang Family Tai Chi Center. In fact, he is known as the Tai Chi master of the west. He grew up training with his grandfather. He graduated from Shanxi University in 1989.

Upon graduation, he went to China and began developing Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. He returned to the US in 1999. Since then, he has become an international celebrity. He is known for his 49 demonstration form. He is now a sought after teacher in the West and the East. His interests outside of the art of Tai Chi include helping to establish an association that will bring the arts of the two continents together.

One of his more important contributions was to help spread the Taoist philosophy of Taiji in the West. He has traveled the globe and has helped develop an association that now encompasses 46 centers worldwide.


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