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When I think of the name Victoria Perasso, I immediately think of her beautiful smile. I also think of her amazing looks and her stunning personality. But, when I learned that she is also an entrepreneur and a successful philanthropist, I couldn’t help but wonder why she isn’t more popular.

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Veronica Victoria Perasso is one of the leading models in the United States. She has gained a lot of popularity on social media sites. She is a great influencer. She has been featured on the covers of fitness magazines and has opened the doors for various brands to promote their products. She also shares videos on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. Moreover, she has appeared on music videos like “Ramen & OJ.” Here are some facts about her!

Veronica V Perasso is an American citizen from Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. She was born on August 7, 1998. She is about 157 cm tall buxic. She has dark brown hair and weighs 55 kilograms. She wears a bra size of 34 EE. She enjoys spending holidays in Australia. She is a very positive person.

She started her career with social media platforms. She first became famous on Instagram, which is where she gained a huge fan following. She has promoted many apparel and swimwear brands. Moreover, she has appeared in various music videos and magazine covers.

Net worth

Veronica Victoria Perasso is an American model who gained fame on social media platforms. She is also known for her glitzy lifestyle photos. She has appeared in various fashion magazines. Her most recent video has 3.4 million views.

She has a total net worth of between $3 and $4 million. She earns from her modeling career, sponsorships, and a number of other sources. She has a large following on social media sites and is an avid user of Instagram.

She started her modelling career at a young age and is now an expert in the field. She has been the face of various brands. She has promoted various apparel brands and lingerie brands on Instagram. She has appeared in magazine covers and music videos.

She has a fan base on social media websites and receives hundreds of dollars in gifts from her fans. She also has an active presence on various membership sites. She also posts about fitness and her figured body.

Social media platforms

Veronica Victoria Perasso is a popular social media personality and model. She shares erotic content on her social networking sites, such as Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans. Her videos have over 3.4 million views. She is also a fitness enthusiast.

Veronica Victoria Perasso was born on August 7, 1998 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. She is of Hispanic heritage. She is now living in Miami, Florida.

Veronica Perasso is an American model and actress. She has appeared in many magazine covers. She has also been the face of a variety of fashion and swimwear brands. Currently, she is working with Fozzy Girls, a modeling and marketing agency in Florida.

Veronica Perasso has become an internet sensation after posting erotic photos on social networking sites. She was raised in a Christian household. She started her career at an early age. She has since gained millions of followers on social networking sites.

Veronica Perasso’s net worth is not known. However, she has accumulated a decent measure of assets. She is estimated to earn between 3-4 million USD in the coming years.


Veronica Victoria Perasso is a rising social media star and fashion model from the United States. She is well-known for her glamorous lifestyle photos. She has over three million followers on Instagram. She has appeared in several fitness magazines. She also appears on the covers of various fashion and sports magazines. She is a member of the Fozzy Girls modeling agency.

Veronica V Perasso was born on 7 August 1998 in Scottsdale, Arizona, US. She graduated from Scottsdale High School and now attends Arizona State University. She is 5′ 5” tall and weighs 57 kg. She has brown eyes and dark hair. Veronica V Perasso has appeared on various covers of fitness and sports magazines and has a large following on various social media platforms. She is also known for her high heels and shorts.

Veronica Perasso started her modeling career on Instagram. She is now the face of various lingerie brands. She has appeared in many commercials, advertisements, and brand promotions. Her tats are very few. She has a cat and likes to cook. She has a fan following on social media and Reddit. She is currently single.

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