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How to Estimate Your Google SEO Price

SEO price varies with the difficulty of a keyword and the quality of the web page. More difficult keywords have higher SEO prices. Easier keywords cost less. SEO companies charge a lower price if the web page has less competition. For a more precise estimate of Google SEO price, you can use a SEO prices calculator. If you’d like to hire a full team, you should also compare seo packages.

The average SEO price ranges from $100 to $250 per hour, and has increased with inflation through 2022. The price is a bit higher for large companies with many competitors, and more affordable prices for smaller websites. Inexperienced SEO agencies may charge less than that, but they don’t produce proven results. Typically, small American businesses spend $500 per month or less for SEO services. However, if your website is relatively simple and does not require a lot of work, you can hire a team of professionals for as little as $500.

If you’re trying to rank for multiple cities, you may be better off creating a landing page for each city. The SEO price for Malaysia will be much higher than that of the other cities. But it’s far more affordable to target local customers than to compete with thousands of international competitors. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning services in Malaysia, for instance, you’ll need a landing page for each city. Moreover, if you’re targeting multiple cities, you’ll need more SEO services than those aimed at international customers.

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