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Social Media Strategies Examples – What Makes a Strategy Effective?

There are plenty of social media strategies examples out there, but what makes a strategy effective? One of the first things to remember is that your strategy is more than posting a single post on your page. You also need to engage with your fans and interact with them outside of your social media platforms. Paid media expert Nick Shackelford suggests participating in comments on Facebook ads. For example, GlowDry, an Australian ecommerce brand, responds to customer comments, pointing them to places where they can purchase their product in Ireland.

Social media strategies examples should include the growth of your audience. Increasing your audience is important if you are going to make it worthwhile. There are two main ways to grow your audience: organically and through paid advertising. Organic growth can be accomplished through engaging content and highlighting your brand’s culture. For example, a business could post a daily Instagram feed that features quotes and photos from your staff, and invite followers to follow and like that page.

A popular brand on Twitter is Oreo. The cookie company has a million-plus followers on Twitter. It uses humorous messaging to increase brand awareness and engages with other popular brands to increase its reach. Unlike traditional advertising, social media can boost brand exposure and drive customer loyalty. So, the key is to understand the psychology of your target market and develop a social media strategy that will maximize the results of your efforts. If you are unsure what to post, consider following these social media strategy examples and see if they will work for your business mezoka.

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